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Stay connected ... See the wireless system design and integration solutions providers at the Comm Centre.


Simply... the BEST name in 2-way radios!

COMM CENTRE is known as the "GO TO" solutions provider for complex, difficult, or quickly needed, one-of-a-kind wireless communications system design and integration services.

Specializing in 2-Way radio communications, SCADA systems, Cellular phones, Wireless rural high speed internet, Cellular amplifiers, Cellular signal point to point radio access, Surveillance systems, and much more...

Welcome to the Comm Centre

Comm Centre Inc. is the premier source for all your wireless communication needs. We offer a full line of cellular, two-way radios and wireless networking products.

Services We Offer

Design and Integration: We use the latest computer software for RF path predictions. Then conduct field studies using the state of the art test equipment to design a wireless solution that best meets the customer's needs with seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Installation: We coordinate and carry out the total professionally installed package, from communication shelters, towers, antenna systems and end user equipment including vehicle installs.

Maintenance: Our technicians supported, with state of the art calibrated test equipment, are able to service your equipment, either on site or at our location. We carry a large inventory of parts to minimize repair/install times.

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